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Someone, please!  For the love of all that is holy!  I NEEEEED the link for the Eclipse script.  You all know I am a spoiler hoor.  I can't help it.  I need something to distract me from the SV spoilers.  They are making me want to watch some of the upcoming episodes, so I need something to take my mind off of SV.  I'm trying to stay strong.  If that means being weak and reading the Eclipse script, so be it.  Don't hold out on me, ladies!  

Movie Rec

Ok, everyone...please form a single-file line and head to your nearest movie theater.  You MUST see The Hangover.  It is the funniest shit ever.  I laughed so hard, my sides hurt when we left.  It is well worth the time. 

I hear that Will Ferrell's Land of the Lost is not doing so well.  It was dubbed "summer's first flop" on Yahoo! News.  Ouch.  Will's movies have been steady declining in my opinion.  It sucks, because I think he's pretty funny. 

It's truce time!

I have seen numerous posts about the CCF icons made yesterday.  I wasn't going to go there and respond, but I changed my mind.  This is what I wrote to the creator of the icons:

I appreciate your attempt at a disclaimer in the end of your post. What I don't understand is why you put it there. If you felt the need to add a disclaimer to your post, then you obviously knew what you were doing was wrong. You knew, deep down, that comparing Clark/Chloe/Chlois fans with the KKK was completely inappropriate. As creative as you are, I wish you could have come up with a better analogy than that. I'm sure, after the response you have gotten, you wish you had, too.

This fan-bashing crap in our fandom needs to stop. Neither of us is more right or wrong than the other. Both groups are guilty of bashing not only the characters (which is perfectly okay) but the actors as well (not okay). It moves to an unacceptable level when we start bashing each other. Really, it is just a show. Neither side is going to get a prize at the end of the show when Clark makes his choice.

I admit to laughing at and enjoying icons that make fun of Lois. I don't even mind most of the ones that make fun of Chloe. Some of those are even funny, like the "Husband, what husband?" one. It's funny. I don't normally get involved in shipper wars, and I purposely stay away from journals and threads (especially on Ksite) that are clearly marked Clois. I just don't see the point in going there when I don't and never will ship Clois. It aggrevates me to no end that Clois fans keep going into the Chlark threads just to stir trouble. I'm sure it happens in the Clois threads, too, but like I said, I don't go, so I don't know personally. I am not one of the ones who does that.

I am friends with quite a few Cloisers. I would be really offended if any of them showed up here patting you on the back for the CCF icons. Luckily, they didn't, and that just goes to show that we can get along peacefully. How about we call a truce? There are only 4 episodes and 1 season left. We're adults, and I'm sure we can quit bashing each other and the actors for that long. We don't have much time left with our show. How about we make the most of it? I'll talk to my people and you can talk to your people. We can make this stop. It makes fandom no fun when we're all mad at one another. ~


So, we need to start getting along.  Do I like Lois?  Not really.  Do I enjoy icons and things that make fun of her?  Sure do!  That doesn't mean that I don't like ED or wish her personally any harm.  It is all supposed to be in good fun.  For instance, the upcoming episode, Stiletto, looks dumb as hell and has filler written all over it, but I'm still going to watch, just to make fun of Lois and her failed attempt at being a superhero.  Just like I'm sure Cloisers watched Hex and thought it was the best thing evah that Chloe is jealous of Lois and wants her fabulous life.  It is fun to have debates and discussions about the characters and the show itself, but we need to quit bashing each other and the actors.  This fandom has become a drag and it used to be so damn fun.  I want to get back there again.  We only have a little time left with our show, and I think we should all try a little harder to make it enjoyable again. 


Fuck yeah!

Have you guys seen Ausiello's spoiler?  Have you have you?  OMG! 

He saidbrace yourself, people!Collapse )

Here's the link:

Spoilers! Beware!

Ok, I gankked this from a Clois friend of mine.  How she finds this crap, I don't know, but I love spoilers, so she's awesome in my book. 

Thanks for the heads up Gaby on Devoted to Smallville.

The CW's Smallville resumes its eighth season this Thursday at 8 pm/ET, with "Infamous," the first of eight new episodes.

In keeping with that theme of "eight," TVGuide.com invited executive producers Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson to tease the big moments to watch for this spring, from eight specific categories.

The twosome's teases may in some instances be short, but each one is still oh-so-sweet to speculate about and set the TiVo for. Here now is the producers' laundry list of especially super scenes.

spoilers under cut...BEWARE!Collapse )

And there you have it folks.  I am completely confused about all the spoilers they are throwing out there.  One minute they say Chlarkers will be happy, the next they say Cloisers will be.  Why do they toy with us so? 

New epsiode tonight!  Yay for pretty Tom back on my tv screen! 



Ok, I don't know if you guys watch it or not, but the Hub and I are HUGE "Dragonball Z" fans.  HUGE.  Lucky for us, 20th Century Fox has made a movie based on it.  Even luckier for us, they have gotten James Marsters to play the villain Lord Piccolo.  When I took the Hatchling to see "Hotel for Dogs" last weekend, they showed the trailer for it.  Holy crap it looks awesome!  Squee, squee, and more squee! 

Here are a couple pictures of the magnificent Mr. Marsters in action as Piccolo:

Link to trailer:  http://www.imdb.com/video/imdb/vi1228800793/

"Dragonball:  Evolution" in theaters April 8, 2009.  Be there, or be square!

For Christine

My dear, dear friend, chrisluvstommy has a slight Tom Welling lips fetish.  His lips take her to a happy place.  In honor of her and her awesomeness, I give this screen cap that I totally ganked from eeyore1017 . 

Who wants to be those teeth? 

She brought me to LJ, so if you must throw stones, please direct them at her.  :) 


Friday the 13th

Ok, so we ended up seeing Friday the 13th anyway.  Let me tell you how awesome it is!  It is all kinds of awesome.  When it was over I looked at my husband and said, "Tell me that was not made of win."  It is the coolest remake ever! 
kinda spoilery under cutCollapse )

Long story short, see the movie.  It is dripping with awesomesauce. 

By the way, I will not be going camping for quite a while.

And in other movie news, Smallville's very own Bart , aka Impulse (Kyle Gallner), is starring in this bad-ass looking horror film titled "The Haunting in Connecticut".  It looks really, really good.  I don't typically like those "based on a true story" movies because they scare the hell out of me, but this one I may have to force myself to watch.  


I said it's great

To be

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Christmas in Florida

Ok, so our Christmas was lovely.  Rylee was so excited about her Leapster 2 and our upcoming trip to Disney World.  However, it doesn't exactly feel like Christmas.  It is 74 degrees.  I love it, don't get me wrong, and I hope it is like this next month when we go to Disney, but it is just so strange.  I mean, it is usually a little cold on Christmas.  Definately not flip flops and shorts kinda weather.  It's just weird. 

Hope everyone else had a great Christmas or Hanukkah.